What is the ABBA?

Who we are…..

Integrity, professionalism, fairness and courtesy are hallmarks of the American Bully Breeders Association management team

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What we do…..

The American Bully Breeders Association (ABBA) is the leader in the bully breed community promoting responsible breeding, responsible ownership, training and youth education in the bully world today.

The ABBA is a place for the bully community and breeders who are passionate about powerful, athletic American Bullies and other bully breed dogs with stable, affectionate and intelligent dispositions.

We are rehabilitating the image of the pit bull one event at a time by emphasizing training & temperment

Combining traditional dog shows with youth activities, training, games and contests in a safe, family oriented environment that is a cross between a cookout and street fair, the ABBA has successfully created “COMPETITIVE EDUTAINMENT.”


Dogs that possess this perfect blend of form and function can excel as pets, as helper or therapy dogs or as working dogs for law enforcement or the military.

The ABBA focus on training, temperament and behavior combined with breeder education initiatives and dog sport classes will highlight the suitability of these breeds for an almost unlimited number of roles.

And by sanctioning shows that feature bully breed performance competitions as well as conformation events, the ABBA now provides breeders of bully dogs with a public venue to showcase the athletic ability of their exceptional dogs.

Some of the many important programs the ABBA offers include Canine Good Citizen (temperament) testing, DNA profiling and have implemented a successful anti-BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and MSN (Mandatory Spay and Neuter) campaign that has been instrumental in helping to defeat bad bills around the country

*Note – The ABBA is pleased to recognize Bulldogs!  Please visit the Bulldog Breed Pages on this website for details.


ABBA is commited to fighting Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), Mandatory Spay and Neuter Legislation (MSN) and supporting American Bully and Pit Bull rescues across the country.

Proceeds from the registry as well as many registry activities will be used to support the different charitable causes and legislative initiatives benefiting or protecting the American Bully and American Pit Bull Terrier breeds and breeders

Through its efforts, ABBA plans to convince the world that the American Bully and other recognized bully breeds can:

  • Compete successfully in disc dog, agility and obedience competitions

  • Perform effectively in law enforcement roles

  • Be devoted, entertaining and faithful pets and companions

There are very few breeds with the versatility of these amazing dogs. But unfortunately, these breeds are burdened with a poor public image and it is only by illuminating the unique and valuable qualities of this breed can the breed image be rehabilitated.

The behavior and accomplishments of the dogs are what will determine the accuracy of the statement ” the premier all around companion and working dog for the United States and the World” and it is around this primary principle that all other ABBA missions and purposes revolve.

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